Nestled between the sprawling Forest Park and the elevated J train line on Jamaica Avenue sits P.S. 90Q Horace Mann. A diverse school within a diverse community, P.S. 90Q's population is representative of the community within which it is located: Richmond Hill. Over a dozen languages are spoken in our school community. We provide all of our students a well-planned and caring educational experience at P.S. 90. Our school is also diverse in terms of student learning needs with 23% of our students being English Language Learners and 18% of our students being students with disabilities. Our community provides us with excellent resources with which we can engage and with which we can engage our students.

The staff of P.S. 90 is dedicated to our students, our community, and our continued growth as educators. We are proud to say that our school's families say that our staff works hard to build trusting relationships with families.

Horace Mann

Horace Mann is the “father of the American public school.” Horace Mann worked to win reforms and public support for the schools in the United States. He pioneered the concept that education should be universal, nonsectarian, and free. Mann won widespread approval from modernizers for building public schools. Most U.S. states adopted a version of the system Mann established in Massachusetts, especially the program for normal schools to train professional teachers. Educational historians credit Horace Mann, along with Henry Barnard and Catherine Beecher as one of the major advocates of the Common School Movement.

horace mann

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