Q: Can I switch my child to remote learning full time?

No, remote learning is not being offered at this time, only in- person learning

Q: What is the bus procedures?

Click on this link to help you.  Student Transportation

Q: Some of the apps on my child's iPad is not working or it says there is no internet access. What do I do?

If you have an iPad that was issued by the DOE, you can reset the iPad. This process takes 48 hour. So it is best to do it on the weekend when there is no instruction scheduled. Follow the directions on these pages to help you reset the iPad: English DirectionsDirecciones en español

If you have an iPad that was given to you by P.S.90, you can can take the risk of resetting the iPad using the same link above. There is no guarantee that this will work for P.S.90 iPads. If you do reset and the apps no longer appear on the iPad, please call the school so we can schedule a time for you to bring the iPad in so we can redownload all the apps.