In-Person/ Hybrid Learning Schedule for Fall 2020


DOE   Criteria for   In-Person Schedules

Most students will be starting the school year with an in-person/hybrid learning schedule. That means that your child will be in school some days and working from home some days. If the percentage of positive tests in New York City are equal to or more than 3% using a 7- day rolling average, we will switch to 100% remote learning for all students. This will be announced by the mayor or chancellor.

P.S.90's School Day Plan

The school day for ALL students will run from 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:30 a.m. and will go through a screening protocol. All students must be picked up promptly at the end of the school day. Dismissal will begin a little earlier by grade.

This is the schedule cycle for in-person/hybrid school days (days in which your child would come to school):

In-Person day 3 week Cycle
october calendar
November In-perosn Calendar


3K & Pre-K- Main Entrance: Caregivers and students walk up stairs using right side. Caregivers will escort students if necessary (for Sept/Oct). There will be random temperature checks of students at the main entrance before students enter the building. Teachers will be at the door to greet you. Breakfast will be delivered to classrooms.

Kindergarten-Fifth Grades: Students will enter the building using two exits-the playground exit doors and the gazebo exit doors. Students can enter the playground beginning at 8:30 am. Families and students will line up along 109th Street with the line heading towards 86th Avenue, social distancing. Before entering the playground gate, there will be random temperature checks of students. Students will say their goodbyes to caregivers at the gate and enter the school grounds. Students will enter the building through the playground exit door. The exits are not grade specific, so siblings can travel together. Grab and go breakfast bags will be available at exit doors for students to grab on their way up to their classes. Students will travel to their classrooms, where their teacher greets them.



For safety precautions, dismissal for each grade will occur at different times. Please look at dismissal times and location for each grade:

3K & Pre-K: 1:40 pm at the main school yard, enter through the 108th street gate entrance

Grades K-1: 1:45 pm at the main school yard, enter through the 108th street gate entrance

Grades 2-3: 1:55 pm at the main school yard, enter through the 108th street gate entrance

Grades 4-5: 1:45 pm please wait outside the gate on the 108th side of the school building to pick up your child

** For grade 3K,PK, & K-3, you must continue with the flow of traffic and rotate around the school building if your child is not at the designated spot at the time you arrive. This will help us to keep families safe and distant from one another. Please see the dismissal flow of traffic map below:

Dismissal Flow of traffic

If you are late for picking up your child, children will remain outside against school wall. (For inclement weather, students will be under the gazebo)


Remote Information:

For students starting the school year with 100% remote learning (Group D), students will be online daily for remote instruction. Please see the Guidance For Blended Learning page for more information.

If you would prefer a 100% remote learning schedule for your child this year, we are offering that as an option. If your child is learning 100% remotely, there will be specified times during the year which you can change to in-person/hybrid learning.

Any questions contact the school at (718)-847-3370 and ask to speak to Marina Celeste ext. 1063 or Trini Bonilla ext. 1064